March 30, 2009

Move To Get More Muslims In The White House

"It was mostly under the radar," Williams said. "We thought it would put (the president) in a precarious position. We didn't know how closely he wanted to appear to be working with the Muslim American community."

The move began with Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn, who took his oath of office with a hand on the Quran, to solicit the resume of what he considered to be the nation's most qualified adherents of Islam.

Yes, I suppose he would want the fact that he was trying to get more Muslims into the White House to be kept 'under the radar.' After all, an awful lot of people read that statement in his book, "Audacity of Hope."

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

Perhaps, they will be wondering why he feels it is so important to get more Muslims into the White House.

Why not more adherents to Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian, Pentecostal faiths? How about more Mormons? Sounds silly, I know...but I know you get the point.

To read more details, go here.

To read more about Representative Keith Ellison, who is shown with President Obama in the photo above, go here.


povertyflatsusa said...

Jan, this reminds me of the old story of how to boil a frog. If you get the water hot first then drop him in, the frog will immediately jump out. BUT, if you put the frog in the pot of cold water and turn on the heat, as the water slowly gets hotter the frog will ajust his internal temperature until he finally perishes.
Our freedom and American way of life cannot be taken away suddenly without a fight and they ( the enemies of freedom) know this. But slow gradual change, just an item here or there, a new law or regulation at a time, and soon we are in hot water with no way out. DM

Linda G. said...

Jan, this had passed beneath my radar so I was shocked to see it. It's all happening too fast for me to keep up with.
povertyflatsusa is so right! This has all been heating up for years while we've been looking the other way. If Patriotic Americans don't speak out now with clarity and strength, we'll never get another chance. waiting for two years for the next election will be too late.
I've been blogging on my new blog Speaking out in Freedom, but don't have it linked to the old blogs yet.

Jan said...

DM..I've heard that story before, and I think it is very thought-provoking.

I think for awhile, things were happening like that, and now the water is just about at the boiling point!

I appreciate your comments..thanks!

Jan said...

Linda..I think many things are slipping beneath the radar, and we, as a nation in danger, need to be more vigilant.

It's a pretty hard thing to do, though, when things of major importance, are done in secret, with no mention until after the fact.

Your new blog is now on my blogroll.