October 06, 2007

Oh, Me..A Meme!

Hmmm..It seems that my friend, Nickel, (Then There Was Sweetthing) has tagged me for a blog Meme. The thing is, that I have no idea what that is, except what I found out by following the links to others who have been tagged, to see what they have to say.

I guess what I am supposed to do, is to tell you how my blog has evolved, and give you five posts to back up my claims. Well, I could do that, except that I don't think that I have evolved, because what I do, I think, is meander. Like the stream in that picture up there. I am all over the place, I think, from telling you some of the sad tales of my childhood, (Papa Why) to telling you about a friend's dilemma, in my grownup years,(Kool Ade or Coffee?), to expressing my thoughts about the immigration problem,( This Land Is Our Land) where I think I actually may have made an enemy, which is something that I certainly never intended to do. Oh, and then there is my interest in Native Americans, Cherokees in particular, so in my post "Two Wolves," I talked about my grandmother. Again.

I only began this blog, less than two months ago, and I have tried to do it on a daily basis, so there are sundry other posts, about one thing or another. Some are silly, and some are serious, and I never know from one day to the other, what I will post, so have I evolved? I don't know...maybe, you could tell me! At least my blog is living up to its name, in a way!

Now, I have to select others to tag, but most of those I know have been tagged, already, and I don't know that many other bloggers.

Hmmm... okay.

I tag: Michael (RFL - Gossip Galaxy), Sue (The Torn Pages), another Michael (Ripple me This), DC (Desert Cat's Paradise), and dnr ( What...?)
I sincerely hope that they will still be speaking to me after they find out!