November 14, 2008

Bill Ayres Talks About His Relationship With Obama

I think that I should start with the definition of "speaking with a forked tongue," according to Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms, Cambridge University Press 1998: "to make false promises or to speak in a way which is not honest."

And then I will say that this man speaks with a forked tongue.

"Really, we knew each other in a professional way."
"I did know him in the context of being on a board together."

Is he still unrepentant about his underground terrorism? Yes, because he says that despicable acts were being carried out by this country..just as they are now, so he still feels that he didn't do enough then to stop them, just as not enough is being done now.

That doesn't sound like remorse to me.

One Man, One Woman

I really like this. I know my Jewish friends will enjoy it, too.

And man, and one woman, just the way it was intended to be.