January 08, 2010

Another Time..


I know it is not Christmas, New Year's Eve, or even the Fourth of July..

but, I love this, and think it's just too pretty not to share!

There's just something about it..the setting, maybe..which reminds me of the era in which I grew up.

It reminds me of a place down home, which was called Oxford Lake, and it had a skating rink, and a midway, of sorts, and one could take a motor boat ride around the lake for about fifty cents.

Families would go there on their outings, guys took their dates there, and showed off, doing whatever guys did back then..mostly strolling along, holding hands, and bragging about stuff!

It's still there, but it is mostly just a place to have picnics, and there is some kind of Civic Center there, as well.

The lake which looked gigantic back then, is there to walk around now, for exercise, mostly. Two laps around equal about a mile.

The last time I walked around it, a few years ago, my friend, Lisa, and I headed out to Hardee's for a sausage biscuit, afterwards!

It's true, that you can't go home, again...but it sure is nice to dream of a happier, more peaceful, time.

Is it possible that it could ever be that way, again?

I wonder.

Graphic borrowed from Dudley's Diary

Thanks, Dudley!