May 09, 2008

I'm Feeling Persecuted, Here!

Well, folks...Blogger, or Google, or someone or some THING has done it to me again! When I tried to access my blog, I got a notice saying that my query resembled an automated program, and that in order to protect their clients, my request must be denied for now, and that they would give me back my access as soon as possible, and they apoligised for any convenience! am I on here, now, you ask?

Well, I kept going to other blogs, and kept getting the same message, and couldn't access them, either. I couldn't access Guyk's blog, but I could access Sweet Thing. Many others, too, were denied my perusal. Finally, I hit on Dazd's blog, and clicked on my blog from his blogroll, and was able to access it from there. The thing I am wondering now, is whether or not when I try to publish this, I will be locked out again. As I write this, I could very well be just talking to myself! I am trying to find humor in this, to keep from crying!

I have no idea how to handle this...there is no way that I know of, of contacting them. It's like a one-way deal..they can contact me, and I have to wait for their decision, whatever that may be.

They did suggest that I run a spyware and a virus check, which I had just finished doing, before trying to access my blog. I do that on a regular basis and there is never a virus or a spy, and only an occasional adware, which is eliminated, immediately.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would certainly appreciate hearing them!

If I don't post for awhile, or ever, you'll know why!