March 07, 2009


And now, three more Obama nominees withdraw from running...

How Gauche!

Even if the Obamas' didn't know, personally, about proper protocol concerning such things as thoughtfully selecting gifts, for exchange with visiting dignitaries, and their families, surely there must have been someone on staff who knew the proper thing to do!

Obama and his wife are touted as being so sophisticated, and classy, but as far as I can see, in that department, they are a disgrace, especially when it comes to representing our great nation!

How utterly classless to present a visiting foreign dignitary and his family such shoddy presents..toy helicopters and a package of's disgusting!

Michelle seems to have been ashamed of her country up until the time her husband was running for President, but now she has every reason to be ashamed..of their gauche behavior!

I can't even begin to tell you how gauche, but go to America's Right and read it for yourself!

If British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and his wife had only known, they could have chosen one of Emily Post's books on etiquette to go with their other carefully chosen gifts to the Obamas.

It's sorely needed.