November 02, 2008

Lee Greenwood: God Bless The USA (Lyrics)

I weep as I watch, and listen to the words of this video.

Never in my entire life have I loved my country more, and never in my life have I realized how I have taken for granted all that we have here. I have never fully appreciated the freedoms that we have, until now, when we are so close to losing them. And we are very close to that, whether we want to admit it, or not.

There are men and women, right at this moment, risking life and limb, so that we may have these freedoms, while right at this moment, there are those, while in their quest for the most powerful position in the world, have tried to bring division, to cause dissatisfaction, and unrest, while making promises that cannot, possibly, be kept. There has been so much deception, and chicanery, that it is easy to see how so many could be so deluded, and it seems that delusion has covered the land.

In mere hours, really, we will vote for the next leader of our great nation. Never has it been this important that we be absolutely certain in our hearts, and minds, that we make the right choice--that we base our choice not on emotion, or hatred for a past administration, but on what is needed for our country to continue to exist as a free country with liberty, justice, and equality for all--not only for a select class, or a select race, but truly for all.

If we choose not to do that, then all will have been in vain--all the blood, sweat, and tears, which have been poured out in sacrifice, will have been in vain. I know that it is not perfect, but it can't be said enough that it is still the best country in the world.

No matter that some find it so horrible that they can't be proud to be an American..please God, please.. continue to bless the U.S.A