May 10, 2008

Mama..The Memory Of You

I know that this day will be a happy one for some, and for others it will bring sadness, as the moments of days gone by are forced to the surface of our memories.

Some of us have wonderful memories of our mothers, causing us to feel, at times a little melancholy, if they are no longer with us, but still happy to realize that we were blessed to have had them. Others, I am aware, were not so blessed, and their memories will only bring pain, and perhaps some anger and resentment, and for that I am so sorry, and my heart goes out to you.

My childhood was not ideal, and was rather deprived when compared with others, but I had the most loving, caring, sweetest woman on earth for a mother. She was humble, but had a way of making everyone else feel that they were the most important person around.

She was an encourager, and she never condemned anyone. She so easily forgave anyone who hurt her, or did her wrong in any way. She always saw the best in everyone, and I can honestly say that I never heard her gossip, or put anyone down, for any reason.

Life for her was not easy--it never was. She received much abuse in her lifetime, but it did not break her, nor cause her to give up on herself, or on life. She had a quiet faith in God, that was just...there. She didn't have to talk about just knew.

Her latter years were filled with much suffering, and although many of you will not understand when I say that much good came out of her suffering, I have to say that it was so. She touched so many lives, without even knowing, and I know of some lives which were changed for the better, because of her.

So on this Mother's Day I want to pay tribute to my own Dear Mother, Sarah Hattie Mae, whose very name as I write it, causes my throat to constrict with the pain of missing her, and my tears to flow in happiness at the remembrance of her, and of all that she was.

Mama, today, yesterday, and forever, the memory of you is a priceless treasure... and you will always be my pretty girl.

"Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies." Proverbs 31:10

The oil painting is "Lost in Thought" by Diji Scales.