June 04, 2008

It Is Not Our Finest Hour

Well, people...I hardly know what to think, anymore. It seems that there are those out there who are bound and determined that Senator Barack Obama will be our next President no matter what has to transpire to accomplish it.

Since when is it against the 'rules' to keep fighting , as Senator Hillary Clinton is doing, until the nomination is a certainty? She has, as a matter of fact, won more popular votes than anyone, ever, but because of the rules that have been set up, that doesn't matter. I am dismayed, not because I would like for her to become President, but because it seems that the will of the people doesn't matter anymore in this country. I am dismayed that a young, relatively unknown person--no, his race is not the issue--has been, suddenly, thrust to the forefront as a person of honor, and integrity, when it is not so. There is just too much out there about him--about his past associations with those whom have declared their own enmity against our country--and his own, very personal, views shaped by his upbringing by a white Atheist mother, with Socialist views, whose color he was ashamed to acknowledge at the time, and his white grandmother, whose views were--to him--racist, in her fear of all black men.

I must admit, that there have been times, over the past few months, that I have, actually, felt pity for him, because I know that he is a very conflicted man. At other times, along with the pity, I have felt anger that, because of his blind ambition, he has allowed himself to be used as a pawn by those with enormous wealth and political power, as a means of accomplishing their own goals when it comes to the running of our great nation.

It is a fact, that there is much more that has been hidden about Barack and Michelle Obama, and if it is not squelched, as much of it has been, before finally coming to light, it will be revealed in due time. One can only hope that it will not, then, be too late--and that it will matter to those, presently, unable to see wrong in anything concerning the Obamas.

I feel that Senator Obama's quest, and quick ascension, has been aided and abetted by selfishness, greed, and power--and the total disregard of the desires of the majority of the citizens of this country.

It is not our finest hour.