February 22, 2009

Just How Bad Is It?

Are things really as bad as people are saying they are?

Have you given any thought to what would happen to your neighborhood if things get to the point where law enforcement will not even respond when called?

How long would you continue to live in such an environment? Worse, what if your options were such that, because of unemployment, or other life circumstances, you had no choice but to stay there, living your life in fear?

Think about it..from moment to moment, night and day..nothing but fear, and despair.

There are people who think that that kind of thing just doesn't happen, that it won't happen. Not here. Not in this country. But it does, and whether you want to believe it or not, it is going to become a more common occurrence as time goes by.

This particular neighborhood is in Detroit, and I'm sure there are other neighborhoods, in other cities, where the same thing is happening.

I don't know how we have allowed things to come to this, but worse, now we have allowed ourselves to become even more vulnerable.

It's a sad day in America..with many more to come. I hope it's not too late to turn things around.

At least, do all that you can do, to be prepared.