July 27, 2009

Until Then...

I've been giving this a lot of thought, and I have come to the conclusion that it's time to take a break from blogging. Oh, not that I have been faithful, and committed...I haven't. Actually, I am a very poor excuse for what one would normally think of as a "Blogger." A real blogger blogs even when their spirits are low, or if they are not feeling up to par, physically.

The truth is that I have nothing to offer, because I am weary of even thinking of politics, and the state that our country finds itself in, lately. Other than that subject, I have written about myself, and my own experiences, mostly. I'm not sure how interesting that is to others, though, and I'm not an expert in any particular field of interest, so there you are--time to stop, at least for now.

I'll leave everything as it is, and I will still be here, reading other blogs, and happily answering any emails that anyone is kind enough to write. Later, perhaps, I will feel that I have something to write about, worth reading. Until then, thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to drop by...you were more than welcome.

I wanted to leave something uplifting, since it will be here for awhile, so I reposted the picture of the plaque hanging in my family room. I hope that trouble never knocks on your door, but if it does, I hope it will hear your laughter, and hurry away.

I want to keep as much laughter as possible in my home.

How about you?