May 27, 2008

Americans Liberated Auschwitz, Obama Claims

Soviet troops enter the concentration camp Auchwitz-Birkenau and rescue the people found there on January 27, 1945.

You do notice that the caption with the photo says SOVIET TROOPS, right?

Are you as flabbergasted as I am about how Obama keeps getting pass, after pass, on the things he says? It seems not to matter whether it is an out-and-out-lie, or whether he just "misspoke," he is excused, in one way, or another.. so when I saw the following post on a blog that tells it like it is, I asked my friend Donald Douglas, of American Power, for permission to cross-post.

Thanks, Donald!

I'm trying to get some work done today, tabulating final course grades, for example, and working on the summer syllabus, but this story's just too good not to share with readers. Purple Avenger reports that Barack Obama, in trying to pump up of family's miltary credentials, claimed that his uncle was part of the liberation armies the freed the Auschwitz concentration camp:

In one of his more egregious and easily demonstrated lies, made even more so by the day he decided to let it loose on, Obama has rewritten WWII history such that the allies liberated Auschwitz.

...Obama also spoke about his uncle, who was part of the American brigade that helped to liberate Auschwitz...

Auschwitz of course is in Poland. It was liberated by the Red Army on Jan 27 1945. Poland, on most maps is usually placed to the east of Germany, although we may need to investigate the geography textbooks the Messiah used as a child...

The Allies were wrapping up the battle of the bulge in late January of 1945 -- the Rhine crossings were still well into the future when Auschwitz was liberated. The first, the Remagen railway bridge which was discovered intact, was crossed on March 7 1945.

Of course it goes without saying that the media has thus far failed to call the Messiah on this apparently obviously outrageous lie. Unless Obama's "uncle" was serving in the Red Army, its a pretty safe bet he was many hundreds of miles from Auschwitz on its day of liberation.

What's worse, an "obviously outrageous lie" or Obama's demonstrable ignorance on a crucible of 20th-century history?

The right blogosphere's all over this, and thank goodness!
When Barack Obama thinks that meeting with hostile foes "without preconditions" is good foreign policy, it's evident the lessons of history have been lost on the Illinois Senator:

How woefully ignorant is the Democratic front-runner on matters of national security, international relations and the intractable conflicts that have plagued [American foreign policy] for decades?
Dreadfully ignorant, it appears, as is becoming more clear by the day.