October 19, 2007

This Will Not Help

In replying to a comment on my last post, I said that sticking our heads in the sand, and pretending that problems do not exist, will not help. I was talking about the illegal immigration problem, but that is not the only problem going on in this country, and in our political system.

When I watched, and heard Democratic Congressman Pete Stark saying during a debate on children's healthcare: "But you're going to spend it to blow up innocent people if we can get enough kids to grow old enough for you to send to Iraq to get their heads blown off for the President's amusement," I was sickened, not only at the mean-spirited words, but at the total lack of respect for our President, our country, and the families of our troops. Worst of all, it seems that it was perfectly acceptable to the rest of the Democrats. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi issued a statement saying that the remarks were inappropriate, but I am not aware of any others.

It seems to me that the only thing on everyone's mind, is their own self-interest, and that of their cronies, and others who can benefit them.

Health, and education are not the only problems we are faced with, on a daily basis. Our cities are going down the tube, crime is rampant, illegal drugs are destroying a whole generation, and racial issues abound.

WASHINGTON (AP) - A Democratic presidential candidate wants a Justice Department voting rights official fired for a comment the official made about elderly minorities. Barack Obama sent a letter to the Justice Department today, calling the remarks by John Tanner "offensive and dangerous." Tanner is head of the Justice Department's voting rights division. Tanner's remarks came during a panel discussion on voter ID laws earlier this month. He said certain laws hurt the elderly but aren't a problem for minorities, because minorities don't grow old -- quote -- "the way white people do. They die first." A Justice Department spokesman says the October 5th remarks by John Tanner had been "grossly misconstrued."

I agree that the above statement by the Justice Department official was less than sensitive, but is it reason enough to be fired? Was it more insensitive than the statement made by Congressman Stark? So far, I haven't heard Barak Obama make any objections to that particular statement. Somehow, I get the impression that Obama is more interested in racial issues, and the times when I have read his statements, and he mentioned, "my people," he was always talking about African-Americans, which makes me wonder about certain of his motives. I always thought that a presidential candidate should have the concerns of all the people at heart.

I mentioned, also, in my reply to a commenter, that I must be coming across as a really heartless individual because I keep talking about illegal immigration. I think that I probably have as much sympathy, and empathy, as anyone, but I am concerned about the direction in which this country is headed. I am concerned about the plight of the everyday, ordinary, citizen. My heart aches when I see a homeless person. It aches when I see those who struggle to survive, having to decide between this month's prescriptions, and enough food to last between SSI, and Social Security checks. It hurts when I see young families, struggling, with both parents having to work to pay for the bare essentials needed for their children, existing on minimum wage, in most cases. I am saddened when I see discrimination in any form, against anyone, regardless of color, or religion, or nationality.

I am not heartless, and without compassion, but I am a realist, and I can see what is happening all around me. Some of it is obvious, and some of it is not so apparent to many, but it is happening. Pretending otherwise is not going to help, and until we realize, as a nation, where our priorities lie, it is going to get worse, rather than better.