July 11, 2008

Just Pass It On

Did you ever get a chain-letter, saying that if you failed to do certain things, or neglected forwarding the letter on, to a specified number of other people, that some horrible, awful, life threatening fate would befall you? I have, many times. Before the Internet, and computers were common, the letters arrived via regular mail, or "snail mail" as it is commonly called, now.

I remember that I would read them, pondering all the terrible events of doom about to assail upon me..and then burn them. Why did I burn them? I don't know, unless it was to show my own defiance, just in case there really were some unknown entities watching to see if I obeyed in a timely manner, or not.

Now, with the Internet, they arrive, one after another, and sometimes, the same one will come from several different people, from different parts of the country, which is evidence of how easily swayed we are by silly superstition.

Besides the crazy emails with a portent of evil, harm, and danger, there are the ones which play on your sympathy, filled with sad facts about about dying children, and also, the ones which play on greed, promising money and gifts, just by keeping the email going.

Well, here's something to help to put your mind at ease, if you happen to be one of the fearful who always forward those emails on, and it might even make you laugh out loud.

But I know that YOU are not in that group...are you?