February 17, 2009

Signed, Sealed, Delivered...It's Ours

Well, the Stimulus Package was finally signed today.

You know, that very urgent, If We Don't Do This Right Now This Very Minute The Entire Nation Will Be Overcome With Catastrophe Beyond Our Worst Nightmares, package?

The package that was so urgent that no one got to read it, or know what was in it before voting on it?

The package that was so urgent, but had to wait until the President flew to Chicago to take his wife out to their favorite place for a sentimental Valentine's evening...and then on to a couple of other places to talk to the citizens about how important it was, for the well-being of everything that we hold near and dear, and how much they, themselves, would be helped by it?

Yeah, that package.

The one that can honestly be called a Surprise Package, because it will be found to be full of surprises when everyone finally gets around to reading what's in it.

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