February 17, 2009

Signed, Sealed, Delivered...It's Ours

Well, the Stimulus Package was finally signed today.

You know, that very urgent, If We Don't Do This Right Now This Very Minute The Entire Nation Will Be Overcome With Catastrophe Beyond Our Worst Nightmares, package?

The package that was so urgent that no one got to read it, or know what was in it before voting on it?

The package that was so urgent, but had to wait until the President flew to Chicago to take his wife out to their favorite place for a sentimental Valentine's evening...and then on to a couple of other places to talk to the citizens about how important it was, for the well-being of everything that we hold near and dear, and how much they, themselves, would be helped by it?

Yeah, that package.

The one that can honestly be called a Surprise Package, because it will be found to be full of surprises when everyone finally gets around to reading what's in it.

For more outrageous news, read this: One Last Chance to Stop the Bailouts


Papa Frank said...

Its ours! One shiny, new, smoking, smoldering, brown bag of liberal donkey dung. How many more days until we get to vote again?

Jan said...

Papa Frank..how many more days until we get to vote again?

Way, way, too many!

Sam said...

This is very bad and ugly blind date.

povertyflatsusa said...

In Medieval England, the king owned everything,the land ,the buildings, the crops, money, etc.
He could spend as he wished, do as he wished, totally unaccountable to anyone but himself. The people had no voice.
I'm sure glad we have moved so far away from that in America. Or at least I thought we had prior to January 2009. DM

Linda G. said...

I'm too sick about all this to make a coherent comment. I think we'll find all kinds of legislation in this bill aimed at eroding our first and second amendment rights.
I really like that Carl Sagan quote, but not what it bodes for our future.

Jan said...

DM..yes, and now we have that, too, just like you said.

I guess pretty soon we won't be called citizens, but subjects.

I wonder if I should start practicing my curtsy? :)

Jan said...

Linda, I know exactly how you feel.

Sometimes, it all gets to be just too much..it's enough to make anybody sick!

Anonymous said...

I have looked this thing over to the best of my ability, and I see nothing at all in it that might help me or my family. Yet my taxes will go up to pay for it, and my kids will be taxed to death to pay for it.

DNR said...

This is for Papa Frank ---> http://obamaclock.org/

I wonder what those of us who made/make ends meet might find in this bill... nothing but higher taxes I suspect.

Oh and HI Jan!
I know it's been a while. Just thought I'd say hi... HI!

Jan said...

Hermit..I don't think there is much in there that will help anyone, except for select groups.

Jan said...

DNR..I think the ones who will be helped, are the ones who were irresponsible in the first place.

Hi, to you, too..you've been away too long! :)

Richard said...

You know, folks, I have heard about a lot of bad things that are supposed to be in this bill. I went and downloaded it from the Library of Congress and found that it was very searchable. I looked and I couldn't find a single one of those bad things that many who have opposed it said are in it. Do it for yourselves and you'll see that there are new jobs in there and money in there so that people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own can keep health coverage for awhile longer. There are a great many things that will alleviate the grief of the victims of this downward spiraling economy. There's help for states so that they can send out tax refund checks and keep construction projects going. You cannot pay for those things with tax cuts alone. But there are several hundred billion worth of those in there too. I urge all who think their taxes are going to go up to compare 2007 and their 2008 taxes and figure your NET tax rate. If you have your taxes done, be sure your preparer gives you that info. You will be suprised.
Now, giving our hard earned money to the folks on Wall Street is a whole 'nother thing. I'm probably in agreement with most of the readers here on that.