February 22, 2009

Just How Bad Is It?

Are things really as bad as people are saying they are?

Have you given any thought to what would happen to your neighborhood if things get to the point where law enforcement will not even respond when called?

How long would you continue to live in such an environment? Worse, what if your options were such that, because of unemployment, or other life circumstances, you had no choice but to stay there, living your life in fear?

Think about it..from moment to moment, night and day..nothing but fear, and despair.

There are people who think that that kind of thing just doesn't happen, that it won't happen. Not here. Not in this country. But it does, and whether you want to believe it or not, it is going to become a more common occurrence as time goes by.

This particular neighborhood is in Detroit, and I'm sure there are other neighborhoods, in other cities, where the same thing is happening.

I don't know how we have allowed things to come to this, but worse, now we have allowed ourselves to become even more vulnerable.

It's a sad day in America..with many more to come. I hope it's not too late to turn things around.

At least, do all that you can do, to be prepared.


Z said...

Hi ,Jan....what a story, poor woman. I don't know how California will/can afford to continue to pay the cops and fire dept...
imagine if there were deep cuts in LA?

I keep praying for a miracle for America

Donald Douglas said...

The tan Memeorandum widget looks good.

And yes, we need to be prepared.

Jan said...

Z..well, I guess it would just be utter chaos, don't you?

Can you even imagine living under such conditions?

We need a miracle, Z--in the worst way!

Jan said...


Linda G. said...

Jan, I do think about this a lot. A lot of the homes sold in southern AZ were sold to non citizens with 0 down, so they can just walk away and leave them vacant.
We are 80 miles to the north of Phoenix, a city that has more kidnappings a year than any other city on earth except Mexico City. It's because of the drug cartels that have moved across the border from Mexico.
The Phoenix Police are underarmed. If an officer finds himself in a threatening situation that calls for a long rifle, he has to call in for one and have it delivered to him.
All those geared up swat teams? Just for TV I guess!
Oh, dear! Here I go again...

Roxi said...

Jan, It is just a shame that it is the way it is. I am sorry to tell you, but I don't think that there will be a miracle. Because GOD has turned his back on America. He can't look at sin and it is getting worse with the murders, prostitution, drugs, guns, and everything that is sinful. I can't stand it. Thank God that we live in a small town and we don't have to deal with too much of that stuff. I know that it is a HUGE inconvenience with the shopping and rumors. But we don't have to many mexicans or any other riff-raff. There are a few that work for those windmills but they don't stick around long and they come in and get their stuff and go away. So we don't have to deal with too much. But the few that we do is an inconvenience. The part that irritates us is that they make REALLY REALLY good money and we have to put up with them not speaking english and just throwing twenty's or more at us and not knowing the change that comes back. But anyway, off my soap-box.
Thank you for stopping by my blog and saying those nice things. I know that I am a VERY LUCKY LADY. Have a great day. Roxi

Sam said...


Buy precious metal...as in Lead.

Jan said...

Linda..I have a friend in Phoenix..moved there from San Diego about three years ago, and I think she is working on moving back.

It' really bad there, I know.

And to think that used to be such a nice place.

Jan said...

Roxie..I know.

Things are getting bad all over.

I enjoy coming to your blog, and I'm glad you read here, too. :)

Jan said...

Sam..and lots of it!

Thanks for coming by.. :)

Desert Cat said...

Preparedness has been my "thing" for several years now. Those of us with the foresight to see what is coming must take whatever measures we can afford to secure our homes and families and lay up a store of essentials for what is coming. The Mormons have it right in that regard. A year's supply of food staples is a good start.

And firearms to protect what is yours against looters. Like it or not, that's what it could easily come to.

For those with the means, getting away from the city and setting up homestead on a country property will greatly reduce the despair and fear. The commuting costs in the mean time are a small price to pay...

Jan said...

DC..you are absolutely right, and I am doing what I can to be prepared.

I hope everyone else will realize that this is not just speculation, but something that seems inevitable at this point.