February 20, 2009

Another Deranged Rant

I'm doing something that I've never done before on this blog, but I'd like for you to see why I have seriously considered not blogging anymore.

Usually, I get these deranged rants in emails, with phony screen names, and no way to reply, but this was posted this evening in comments of a post that I did months ago, and was sent from a computer at California Polytechnic State University

It is full of vitriolic hatred, and outrage..at me, and all Americans who don't believe the same deluded lies that they believe. In fact, this person said: Seriously, you're either stupid or just evil! It's people like you that are destroying our country, and it's people like you that make me ashamed to be an American.

I can't include the sentences preceding that statement, because this person has a filthy mouth, but you can read the rest of the rant in comments after this post: You Ain't Gonna Like Losing

I can't tell if the commenter is male or female--with a cute little name like "Jade" it is hard to tell--but it's easy to see that Jade is the one with his/her head in the sand.

It really is a dangerous world we live in, in more ways than one.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jan,
This is the first time I have left a comment on your blog. I thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving words of sympathy when my Mother passed away and for all the kind words of encouragement also. I think you have a great blog and I enjoy reading it each day, so don't let Morons like "Jade" push you into stopping!! It is a crying shame this person felt like they had to express themselves in this manner. I don't seem to understand, if they didn't like your thoughts why did they stay around and read them? And apparently this person does not have a very good command of the english language if they feel like they have to use that filthy talk! You keep right on posting and I'll keep right on reading, OK?

I really enjoyed the story posted below, it was so funny!! Thank you!

Again I thank you for coming by my blog regularly and leaving comments, it means alot to me.

I'll talk to you another time,

Jan said...

Bill..thank you for the kind words of encouragement!

I enjoy reading your blog very much, and I really appreciate that you come by here, too!

I know there are a lot of people out there with bad attitudes, but there are many great ones, too..like you, and your family.

Thank you so much for your comments!

Roxi said...

Jan- It is really REALLY a scary world with lots of FREAKS in it. I hope and pray that you stay safe. There are some real wack-o's out there. There was a guy and a girl Tuesday that came in and the cop stopped them down the street right after they were in. They had a warrant for their arrest in Omaha for Armed Robbery with a baseball bat. They were so stupid they had the bat with them. The cops are thinking that they were staking out our convenience store and the one down the street from us. We of course didn't find out until the next day. So now I am really freaking out when people who are not regulars come in.
Please don't let freaks stop you from blogging. PLEASE!! Try and take care of yourself. Roxi

Nancy said...

Jan, that idiot ranter made several mistakes in grammar. I guess California Polytechnic is probably easy to get into...

Jan said...

Nancy..oh, you noticed that, too? LOL

BTW..I received another comment on that post..you should go check that out. :)

I'm sure you will remember who it is.

Linda G. said...

Jan, don't let commenters like this discourage you. They are usually young, speak only in rehearsed and retorical terms, and consider profanity a mark of sophistication.
They are not to be taken seriously.
As for that other commenter, I deleted her from my blog list a long time ago and rightly so, I guess! I was still surprised by her comment.
It bothered me more than Jade's did.

Jan said...

It bothered me more than Jade's did.

Linda..me, too. I know she still comes around every now and then.

I guess I just have to consider the source, and be done with it.

GunRights4US said...

There's a Latin phrase I see from time to time that basically means "Don't let the bastards get you down".

Take no note of morons. The wise give no credence to the words of idiots.

Jan said...

GR4US...thanks, I like that!

Sounds like pretty good advice to me! :)

povertyflatsusa said...

Jan, in the words of the late Winston Churchill, "Never, Never, Never give up !!" And in the words of us folks here at Poverty Flats USA, "Never try to fight a battle of wits against an unarmed opponent." Seriously, just consider the source and ignore it. I enjoy reading your blog so as you said about my BBQ, don't ever give up. DM

Sam said...

"It really is a dangerous world we live in, in more ways than one."

That is an understatement.

Jan said...

DM..I won't, thanks!

I appreciate your support! :)

Jan said...

Sam..I know that's right!

Desert Cat said...

Do you have the ability to edit other people's comments left on your blog with the blogger commenting system? (I've never used it. I've always used Haloscan, which affords me that right.)

When/if I get abusive comments (which is extremely rare), I always have the option of editing their comments to remove profanity, but also if I choose to, editing their comments to make them look stupid. It usually enrages such individuals, but after a couple of tries they give up and go away. Which is fine with me.

There's no reason to quit when you're in charge here. Mockery is a potent weapon against the terminally deranged.

Jan said...

DC..I can't edit the comments, but I can delete them.

I don't often get such hateful commnts, and I have deleted a few, but this time I just wanted others to see what I, usually, get in emails, rather than comments.

Terminally deranged is an apt description of them, and there are a lot of them out there.