November 02, 2008

Lee Greenwood: God Bless The USA (Lyrics)

I weep as I watch, and listen to the words of this video.

Never in my entire life have I loved my country more, and never in my life have I realized how I have taken for granted all that we have here. I have never fully appreciated the freedoms that we have, until now, when we are so close to losing them. And we are very close to that, whether we want to admit it, or not.

There are men and women, right at this moment, risking life and limb, so that we may have these freedoms, while right at this moment, there are those, while in their quest for the most powerful position in the world, have tried to bring division, to cause dissatisfaction, and unrest, while making promises that cannot, possibly, be kept. There has been so much deception, and chicanery, that it is easy to see how so many could be so deluded, and it seems that delusion has covered the land.

In mere hours, really, we will vote for the next leader of our great nation. Never has it been this important that we be absolutely certain in our hearts, and minds, that we make the right choice--that we base our choice not on emotion, or hatred for a past administration, but on what is needed for our country to continue to exist as a free country with liberty, justice, and equality for all--not only for a select class, or a select race, but truly for all.

If we choose not to do that, then all will have been in vain--all the blood, sweat, and tears, which have been poured out in sacrifice, will have been in vain. I know that it is not perfect, but it can't be said enough that it is still the best country in the world.

No matter that some find it so horrible that they can't be proud to be an American..please God, please.. continue to bless the U.S.A


sheoflittlebrain said...

Jan, I'm overwhelmed by this post.
Tears are running down my cheeks not only from Greenwoods beautiful song and the pictures of America the Beautiful, but from your poignant words..
God Bless you and God Bless America...

Papa Frank said...

Beautiful, Jan. Sorry I've been away so long. Don't believe the polls and keep fighting for the country that you and I love.

Donald Douglas said...

Thanks for sharing, Jan!

rockync said...

I just got back from voting -- always a satisfying experience! We have debated and ranted and raved and now we vote, millions of us, Americans all.
No matter our differences, I believe we all love our country or we wouldn't bother with the whole process.
So, Happy Election Day to all and Jan, no matter how this turns out, I'll still love you in the morning! LOL!

Jan said...

She..God bless us, one and all!

Jan said...

Papa Frank..thank you.

We can never give up on our country, but it may become a little harder to continue fighting for it.

Thanks for coming by..I've missed you.

Jan said...

Donald..I wanted to say what I felt, because who knows how much longer we will have that priviliege?

I only wish that more had spoken out, and not kept silent, at one of the most crucial times in our history.

Jan said...

Rockync..yes, our household, too, is represented among those who have helped 'make a difference.'

After much prayer, discussion, and consideration of facts made available, many of which had to be sought out, and dug for, we voted our concious.

Yes, we are all Americans, but I don't believe that we all love our country, present company excepted, of course, because I believe that you do love it, and want what you think is best for it.

However, I believe that many who bother going through the whole process do it not out of love for their country, but for what they think they will get out of it, in a purely selfish manner-- or because they still have hatred in their hearts toward individuals, administrations, or a particular race, or segment of society.

And then there are those who are just totally misinformed, and misguided, such as the young mother, in a state of exhultation says that when Obama is president, she will never again have to worry about filling her gas tank, or paying her mortgage.

It is one of the saddest things I've ever seen.

So, Annie, I will still love you in the morning, too, no matter how it turns out, but if Obama gets the election tonight, tomorrow I will be in mourning for our country, and all of the poor deluded people like that young mother who thinks that he, somehow, will have a godlike influence over the circumstances of her life.

For everyone like her, there are untold thousands of others who feel the same way, and they are going to be sorely disillusioned..and that's sad.

Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand said...

Beautiful song and powerful post Jan. Thank you.

Jan said...

Mrs. K..thank you for your kind words, and thank you for dropping're always welcome!