January 08, 2010

Another Time..


I know it is not Christmas, New Year's Eve, or even the Fourth of July..

but, I love this, and think it's just too pretty not to share!

There's just something about it..the setting, maybe..which reminds me of the era in which I grew up.

It reminds me of a place down home, which was called Oxford Lake, and it had a skating rink, and a midway, of sorts, and one could take a motor boat ride around the lake for about fifty cents.

Families would go there on their outings, guys took their dates there, and showed off, doing whatever guys did back then..mostly strolling along, holding hands, and bragging about stuff!

It's still there, but it is mostly just a place to have picnics, and there is some kind of Civic Center there, as well.

The lake which looked gigantic back then, is there to walk around now, for exercise, mostly. Two laps around equal about a mile.

The last time I walked around it, a few years ago, my friend, Lisa, and I headed out to Hardee's for a sausage biscuit, afterwards!

It's true, that you can't go home, again...but it sure is nice to dream of a happier, more peaceful, time.

Is it possible that it could ever be that way, again?

I wonder.

Graphic borrowed from Dudley's Diary

Thanks, Dudley!


Suzie Q said...

I think we need to return to old-faishioned Puritanism. I really do. When people are pure of heart - the world is a magical, wonderful, adventurous... SAFE... place.

But the desire for sensationalism has corroded the sense of covering we had in a pure atmosphere which restrained evil.

If only we became pure of heart again - the power of goodness would restore those "Disney" type days.

I liked the picture and the thoughts you shared.

Thanks for sharing.

Donald Douglas said...

That reminds me of many down-home Fourth of July holidays with my wife's family in Fresno. The culture is very southern there, and small town ...

Thanks for the pics!

The Hermit said...

Those were better times. At least you and I had the good fortune to live most of our lives before things reached the point they have today.

Jan said...

I liked the picture and the thoughts you shared.

Thanks, Susie Q

Jan said...


It's nice to think that there could be such places still around.

Jan said...

Hermit..yes, and it's good to remember those days, isn't it?

Always On Watch said...

It's true, that you can't go home, again...

Northern Virginia has been ruined by "progress," as far as I'm concerned.

We're an edge city now and one loaded with liberals and leftists.

But when I was growing up, this area was much like the one pictured here in this post.

Jan said...

AlwayOnWatch..don't you, sometimes, wish that you could just wriggle your nose, like Samantha, in that old comedy show, and make things go back to the way they were?

Change has to happen, I suppose, but we don't have to like it. :(