June 06, 2008

Time Will Tell

Hmm..I think I'd like to know the answer to that one, too. I'm not sure that there are any better character references than those we've found out about, and I have a feeling that the list of the unsavory ones is about to get a little longer. Time will tell.


Papa Frank said...

Did you forget Jan? He denounced Rev. Wright and so it's all better now. To bring it up again means that you are a racist. (as I wave my hand in a jedi-like fashion)

These people are going to make me ill for the next 6 months!!!

Jan said...

papa frank..I think more than that is going to be brought up, soon, don't you?

I know what you mean, about it making you ill, too. :(

Papa Frank said...

I think more will certainly be coming. So far, as bad as it has already been, it has only been the Clinton war machine bringing stuff up. In the meantime the republicans have had a great deal of time to do their own research but they haven't tipped their hand on any of it yet. Certainly they have been loading both barrels in preparation.

DNR said...

Let the games begin!!