June 07, 2008

Obama's Chosen Road

Thinking of all that has transpired over the past few months, and now looking at the very real possibility that Senator Barack Obama will be the next leader of the most powerful country in the world, I have to wonder how in the world it has come to be so. How is it possible that someone who was almost totally unknown by anyone, other than his close associates, his fellow politicians, and of course, the citizens of Chicago-- who maybe, know a little too much about him--could now be standing in this position of power, and unmerited favor? I have my own ideas about it, and many of them are not flattering to the senator, nor to his wife, Michelle Obama.

I came across this very interesting article , written by another young black man, of the same age as Obama. voicing his own views about it. I think it is worthy to be shared. What a contrast between the two of them, and their mentors.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

Obama took the well-traveled road that all Machiavellian, ambitious, unscrupulous men take, which is why men of this ilk are very dangerous and should never be given the reigns of political power – for they lust after money, power, control, legacy and the applause from the fickle crowds above all else. For example, Obama, just a few weeks ago, repeatedly defended the hatemonger Rev. Wright, but willingly threw his own grandmother under the bus for political advantage, slandering this sainted woman who lovingly raised him for years as a racist and "a typical white woman."

Read the rest of what he has to say here:

The Report From Washington
Ellis Washington


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It enables us to express our feelings and opinions.

DNR said...

Interesting read.

At 44 myself, I can see how many of the choice of child hood friends have taken them in unique directions. Some of them are sad. My best friend from high school and best man at my wedding (25 years ago next month) is rather big trouble with the law.

Obama, worries me. Or more rather the attraction of the ‘American Idol’ generation to the good looking smooth talker worries me. Literally. I do not look forward to the next 4 years if he wins.

On a side note - online gambling, are you talking to Jan, Obama, Ellis Washington, Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright or Pastor Havious Green? Your comment was a little vague.

Jan said...

DNR..Obama worries me, too.

It really does come down to choice, doesn't it? One can only hope that right choices are made, because we will suffer the consequences of all of our choices, good or bad.

Thanks for your comments..glad to see you around, again! :)