August 11, 2007

It's A Good Thing

It's a good thing I'm not superstitious, or I would not be making this post. I had just signed in, and was all set to post, and without warning, the power went off. I thought that it was no big deal, because it does that often, but it comes right back on, within seconds, or minutes. Not this time, though...five whole hours!

I walked around, flipping switches, looking out windows, eating everything in sight, fretting about how I was going to cook. Of course, the fact that I have natural gas for cooking never interfered at all with my fretting! As a matter of fact, an emergency run to Arby's was made, never mind that nobody was hungry. It just seemed the right thing to do!


Livey said...

It looks like you figured out how to change the font on your posts. When you find one you really like, and want that for all your posts, let me know and I'll make it so they are all the same.
Keep up the good work.

k said...

You know, that trip to Arby's even though your gas was on? That sounds a lot like hurricane behavior.

Jan said...

Well, k...after living in Florida, and Alabama, and cleaning out every store in the county of milk and bread at the first mention of snow flurries or tornados...well, you know how that goes. LOL

Jan said...

And Livey, maybe I did learn to cchange the font, but I still haven't learned how to edit a post after it's posted, and I see a glaring typo...doggone it!