August 11, 2007

Last Night I Just Kept Lying There

Last night I just kept lying there, comtemplating this thing that I have done, and wondering if I should have done it at all.

I thought for sure, that if ever anyone wanted to show his ignorance, this is the perfect place to do it. I do know some things, and some things I don't...and this just might be one of them.

I do know how to tell, or discuss, some interesting things, but then again, I guess that will depend on the one reading it. And, I'm pretty sure that you can't have a thin skin and survive in the world of blogdom.

I don't like to hurt anyone's feelings, and won't intentionally, but having read some other blogs on here, I'm not too sure that works both ways all the time.

I was reminded this morning that I might have two "blogmamas" and that is about right. That being so, I have accumulated a whole bunch of "blogrelatives" on here, too! And as relatives go, I guess I have something to look forward to, don't I?

Later, way later, after my blogmamas have instructed me a bit in having a proper blog, I will get around to doing a profile. I can't promise anything too interesting there, though...I'm just a plain, ordinary woman, doing plain and ordinary stuff.

But then, sometimes, plain and ordinary are just what the doctor ordered.

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k said...

OH, yes. Yes indeed.