February 06, 2009

STIMULUS : "It's Not A Game!" OBAMA Scolds Congress & Critics

Hmmm..watching this, and listening to his words, echoes of other words come to mind: "Community Action Organizer" -- and especially when he says that he found 'this National Debt, doubled,wrapped in a big bow waiting for me, as I stepped into the Oval Office' I think of these words: "The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (Acorn)"

What has that to do with anything? Well, if you recall, that organization was part and parcel of bringing on the financial fiasco that we now find ourselves in. They bullied financial institutions into granting loans for mortgages to people they knew could not afford them, and had no way of paying for them.

That, and the other shenanigans they pulled to get what they wanted, when they wanted it.

Acorn is earmarked for a big hunk of the stimulus package--something like 5 billion dollars. Yes, that is 'billion' with a 'b.'

Here's an excerpt from a 2008 article written by Stanley Kurtz in National Review Online:
According to Stern, Acorn’s radical agenda sometimes shifts toward “undisguised authoritarian socialism.” Fully aware of its living-wage campaign’s tendency to drive businesses out of cities, Acorn hopes to force companies that want to move to obtain “exit visas.” “How much longer before Acorn calls for exit visas for wealthy or middle-class individuals before they can leave a city?” asks Stern, adding, “This is the road to serfdom indeed."

You'll find the whole article interesting.

It looks like President Obama is still trying to use his community organizing tactics in trying to force this on the American tax payer whether we like it or not..because, after all, as he and Nancy Pelosi have both said, "I won."

If this stimulus package were a book, it could be titled, "Dreams of Obama."


Z said...

Oh, JAN! What a smart post. thanks.

Your paragraph about it looking like obama is still trying to use his comm. org. tactics on us is EXCELLENT and it sure feels like it to me, too.

I have friends calling and asking if they should be storing food. What is happening to our world? he's SO SO much worse than even I thought he'd be..and so FAST! Even Krauthammer gave us a six months grace period; perhaps we could have got smart and done something, but no...he's got the pen and the end of America as we know it in his hands and he's moving FAST to get HIS WAY. How terrible.

Don and Frances Miller said...

WOW !! I listen to him talk and I can't help but think 'I've finally found someone I hate to hear talk more than Hillary'
This could be a new type of torture our military could use. Just tie them to a chair and make them listen to Obama or Hillary talk. Probably wouldn't take long for them to to cooperate. DM

Jan said...

Z..thank you so much.

Watching him in action, and listening to him, it certainly seems like he's still trying those tactics..unfortunately, it seems to be working.

I tell my friends, and family, that they should be storing food, while it is still possible to do so.

This country is in a lot of trouble, in more ways than one, I'm afraid.

Jan said...

Don..I have to agree with what you said about listening to him talk--but the torture you are suggesting would be too cruel to subject ANYONE to! LOL

Yehudi said...

This is a great post, Jan! I had a dream last night that I was hanging out with Obama in my hometown in Iowa and I really liked him. He had my believing that he's really going to help our country. Thank you for bringing me back to the real world.

Hope you're feeling better!

GUYK said...

And I say again to the emperor..."If government spending would make us prosperous then we should be rolling in prosperity after the first six years of the Bush administration spending. But instead it is just this kind of government ineptitude that has put us in the economic mess. More deficit spending will just make it worse. People, even the congressional economic advisers claim that the recession will correct itself in about six to 18 months. This is a pork bill...a socialist ploy to drive the country into the ground where we all are equal...equally poor!

Jan said...

Yehudi..I'm afraid that the dreams I'm having about him, are nightmares!

I think we'd all be wise to keep in mind what he's all about, and to discern the times.

Jan said...

Guyk..yeah, we'll be equally poor, but you can bet your boots that they won't be!