February 07, 2009

DeMint Fights Against Religious Discrimination in Stimulus Bill

It would be really interesting to see what else is in the stimulus package. I wonder if this particular one was whittled out, in order to streamline it enough to pass? Probably, not.

What a major, major mistake our country has made in allowing us to be turned over to those whom have not a clue about what we are really all about.

All I can say is, "God help us, all."

At the moment we are still allowed to say such things, but who knows how much longer we will have that privilege, and freedom?


Linda G. said...

Despite O's pettish speech to whip the Republicans into line, switchboard at the White House is swamped with calls by Americans against this bill..
The good fight is on as long as we are able to use the air waves and the internet. I fear it's too late though...
I know that millions to help Hollywood was struck from this bill along with a Florida water park, but last I heard they may not stay out.
My son heard a finantial advisor say a couple of months ago, that we should be stocking up on food.

Hang onto your hat, Jan. We're at the top of Mr. Toad's wild ride with nothing in sight but treacherous rapids!
At least we can hold hands:)

Jan said...

Linda..it's hard to tell, from one minute to another, what is happening, but like you, I have a feeling things have already gone too far.

I hope not.

Stocking up on food is a good idea, though some may scoff at the idea.

Better safe than sorry.

Anonymous said...

The Demonazi's are trying very hard right now to keep people from saying such things on the radio. If they can get their "fairness doctrine" into law, they will have effectively silenced some of their most vocal critics. Heil Obama!

Off Grid Survival said...

scary stuff, kinda wonder how long it will be before they pass some kind of internet fairness doctrine

Jan said...

OGS..the way things are going, it probably won't be all that long.

You're right, it is scary stuff, and it's going to get scarier, I think.

Thanks for dropping by, and welcome! :)

Jan said...

Heil Obama!

Hermit..perish the thought!