January 23, 2009

No WHITE MALE Construction Workers??

I'm at a loss for words!

Obviously, they're not...and we ain't heard nothin', yet!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where this is going,


Donald Douglas said...

Great posting, Jan ... I saw this on the news. It's totally indicative of the Democratic ideology.

Anonymous said...

And so it begins......

Given55 said...

Today We are Praying for a Child in Need. We will post, all day, our feelings, hope and prayers. Please join our prayer.

Papa Frank said...

Of course those who build roads and bridges are not SKILLED or INTELLIGENT to these elitists. Anybody off the street can accomplish these things. Good thing we have the ruling class to help us serfs and peasants know how to think. SHEESH!!!

Jan said...


I wonder what else we can expect as we go along?

Jan said...

Anonymous..yep, I'm afraid so.

Jan said...

Given55..I kept checking back several times, and my prayers were with you all.

Praise God for the miracle you experienced there!

Jan said...

Papa Frank..for being a common old serf or peasant you sound pretty brilliant to me! ;)

Lydia said...

Hello Jan,
I didn't see this on the news.
Thank you for sharing.
I just hope our ountry can get past the division of races here and work on the issues of our economy, ect.....and whats happening to everyone in this country right now no matter who they are.
I've always been and still am a republican. I voted for Bush both times, but now that this president is in the house, I hope and pray he will do some good things and make the right decisions for us all. I'm keep my fingers crossed that hopefully he will.
I also hope to god we keep receiving that stimulous check, which helps out tremendously!
Wishing you a very nice afternoon,

Jan said...

Lydia..I pray, also, that things will go well, however, I am afraid that putting this president into office is one of the gravest mistakes this country has ever made.

I know that many will disagree, but facts are facts, and many facts concerning him, and his ideology,and other things, were covered up, or smoothed over by the media, and others with power to wield.

God bless you, Lydia..your comments are always welcome.