October 22, 2008

More Colin Powell on Meet the Press 10/19/2008

"There's going to be a crisis which will come along on the 21st, 22nd of January which we don't even know about right now!" -Colin Powell


Don't get me wrong. I have always admired this man, but after his decision to endorse Senator Barack Obama, I have to wonder:

Have he, and Joe Biden now become prophets?

If we don't even know about it, then it must be a prophetic warning, right?

The truth is, that there is something in the works, for which much preparation is being made, and you can read something about it here:

Police Prepare for Black Unrest Nationwide

It's something that is inevitable, so maybe that's what Powell and Biden have prior knowledge of, and they're already trying to prepare his followers, who may start having second thoughts when it happens.

Here's my warning, and I'm not a prophet: This country is in dire straits, and facing certain dangers which we have not known before, and it will become worse if Obama becomes the leader of this nation.

He is not, after all, the solution to all problems, globally, or otherwise, but he will become a much bigger part of the problem.


Anonymous said...

There's an article from The Hill magazine that says pretty much the same thing. Could be a hot time in the old town that night.

Jan said...

Hermit..more like, "will be" than "could be."

sheoflittlebrain said...

A decisive leader? I wish I could ask Colin Powell to give us one example of Obama decisiveness!
Just one!

Jan said...

She..that would be a novelty, wouldn't it?

I'm still scratching my head over his decision to endorse him.