April 13, 2008

Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Okay..we've all been there, between a rock and a hard place, and nowhere to turn, with all means exhausted.

I was over at Livey's where she was talking about helping out this young woman, and when I followed the link over, I could see that she really is in dire need of help.

Maybe, after reading about her plight you will want to help her out if you can. I have no doubt that it would be greatly appreciated..and who knows? She just could be the one to nurse you back to health someday.

Stranger things have happened.


Livey said...

Thanks Jan! You are such a sweetie! It's my hope that people will give at least a dollar. Every little bit counts! Love ya!

overactive-imagination said...

Thanks Jan. I really appreciate your post. Youre a sweetie.

Jan said...

Livey..love you, too! :)

Jan said...

Dawn..you're very welcome.

I hope things work out for you. :)