April 18, 2008


Remember Senator Barack Obama's church?

Remember his pastor, and mentor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright?

Remember what is taught at that church?


Well, allow me to gently remind you that what is taught there, where the man who could be the next President of the United States is, and has been, in good standing, as a member for twenty years or so, is Afrocentrisim.

Do you have any idea what that is? If not, you're not alone, because most of us have no idea what is wrapped up in that one one word: AFROCENTRISM.

If you would like to learn about it, and how it has become so prevalent, you can find it here where I found it after following the link for Best Read of the Morning, at Charming Just Charming.

Guy says:

"I am always impressed with the work of Mahone Dunbar and THIS ESSAY on AFROCENTRISM is no exception. So my friends, put on your scholar cap and take a few minutes to be taught by the best..."

Thanks for pointing me to such a fascinating, and informative read, Guy! I think it is something that should be read by everyone before deciding to whom they will give their vote in the upcoming election!


GUYK said...

My pleasure Jan..and lets hope that a lot of people take our advise and read this outstanding piece of work...Mahone has done his research and lays in on the line...

Jan said...

guyk..I'm really glad you put the link up..I thought the piece was outstanding!