March 07, 2008



Richard said...

Jan.....the Dems with their proportional method of awarding delegates, coupled with caucuses and/or primaries, have got a real mess to sort out.....but, only if the Superdelegates do not follow the lead of the majority in their given states. News organizations may be stirring this up into more of a problem than it is. I hope so.
Who knows, we may come out of this with some suggestions for a national primary of some sort in which all those running in each party are on a ballot. We select our first, second, and third choices[in case of a tie], and that's it. We vote once and we're done selecting candidates; and it's on to the actual campaign for President. Save money. Save time. Save aggravation. Is that too simple? I may be, who knows.
Does that mean it'll never happen?
Looking forward to the next post....

Jan said...

Richard..yeah, that is too simple, which is why it, probably, will never happen.

It would be great if it could be done like that, but I'm sure that it's not really what the politicians want..well, a lot of them, at least! :)