December 09, 2007

Computer Problems

And..the past few days, I could have, probably, gotten more use out of the one above than I have this one. I shouldn't blame it on the computer, though--all the credit goes to my Internet Server. After days and days of unpredictability, on sometimes, off sometimes, and wire and cable jiggling and adjusting, doing all the fixes on here, talking to technical support, having a new modem delivered and installed, running numerous virus scans which showed no viruses, spies, or adware, I finally called them again, and they sent another "more experienced" tech to the house. He spent at least three hours here, running new cable, in the house, and outside, and we were up and running at high speed again. For one whole day! I couldn't sign on all day, until just now--after a bunch more cable jiggling, button pushing, on-and-off stuff. There are no guarantees that it will stay on, either, so I thought I would at least let you know why I am being lackadaisical in my posting recently, and to let you know that if you see no new posts for awhile, it simply means that I couldn't. I will call the tech again tomorrow--he left me his personal number, and told me to call him anytime if I had more problems, so that's just what I will do...first thing in the morning! was your week?


rockync said...

I hate when that happens! Fortunately for me, I have the Professor (AKA brainy son three) who can figure out exactly what's wrong whether it's software or hardware. He's saved me several hair pulling sessions! I knew that Commodore I bought back in the 80s was a good investment! LOL
I do hope you get your problems "ironed" out and are back blogging soon. :)

sheoflittlebrain said...

Good luck with it, Jan. I like your disclaimer and think I should do the same as I am having some problems. I just hope it's fixed now. Wish I had Rocknc's Professor livin' in my house:)

rockync said...

she,having him around has come in handy.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're back up and running , at least for now.

Jan said...

Yes, everyone, I am still far, so good! I think it is nothing more than problems with the server, as my computer is working just fine.

Thanks for your good wishes,and for checking back to see if I'm here! :)

Now, I just have to find something of interest to put on here!