August 16, 2007

What Is It

What is it that makes us go on dreaming, even in the stark reality of daylight?

Why does our heart tell us to keep going in the face of every opposition?

What is the force that drives us ever onward toward a goal that seems unobtainable?

What gives us the courage to carry on, even when it seems that we have gone the last mile?

What is the never ending force that travels through our being--the force that is our being?

Why do we struggle against it? Why the resistance against the thing that is trying to work for our good?

Is it because we all must have a dream? A destiny to fulfill? A pattern that can be formed in it's entirety, by only specific pieces of life, much in the same way that a picture is formed only by each specific piece of a jigsaw puzzle, which has been cut to perfection, and will only fit into that one particular part of the puzzle--its shape and size and color, made to be fitted into no other part--the picture which without it is incomplete.

If a piece is forced into a part of the puzzle, for which it was not made, the picture is misshapen and imperfect.

And such is life.

Our lives are like a jigsaw puzzle. We keep searching until we have found the piece of the puzzle

which fits perfectly into the picture. Much searching, much trying, much forcing of pieces--trying to make a whole of perfection. Our perfect picture., but sometimes the pieces are hard to find--they have to be looked for carefully. Yet, we keep searching.

Sometimes, the piece looks exactly as if it will fit, but it doesn't, and we try to force it into place. because it looks like it belongs there. Finally, after much effort we put that piece aside, and go on searching for the one that fits.

The important thing is that although we may search long and hard through the pieces that don't fit, eventually we find the ones which do, and we have what we have been striving for.

Just as a puzzle is challenging at times, discouraging at others, but ultimately fulfilling when it all comes together beautifully as a result of our efforts--such is the putting together of each of our lives. It's the challenges, the discouragements, the searching and the trying, and the determination to see the fulfillment of our endeavors culminate into the perfect picture.

That's what it is.

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