January 01, 2012

Time Will Tell

Well, friends, here it is the beginning of another year, and who knows what this year holds?

I know what I wish it to hold, which is, probably, no different than what everyone wants.

I'm sure we all want good health, happiness, and prosperity...and most of all, peace...for ourselves, and for those we hold near, and dear, to our hearts.

But will our wishes come true?

I don't know.

Many really are frightened of the 2012 prophecies, found in the Mayan literature, and other prophetic writings, which portend doom, and gloom, and the end of the world.

I'm more afraid of what our country has become, with people who have no love, or respect for it, riding roughshod over those who do.

It has now become shameful to have worked hard, and become successful, and those who haven't think it is good, and right, to have it taken away, and given to them.

It's okay to occupy anything, and everything, and take it by force, and violence, if necessary, with the approval of the ones who should be looking out for the safety, and well being, of us all.

It's okay to have your own religion ridiculed, and the name of the God you believe in, trampled underfoot, while having to watch every word that is spoken, lest you offend others of a different faith.

And speaking of watching every word spoken, how many have lost jobs, and careers, just in the last year, because someone said something that someone else found offensive, because of race, or religion..or choice of lifestyle?

Heaven forbid that you should voice disapproval of any alternative lifestyle, no matter how perverse, or immoral, you consider it to be. If it goes against your own moral values, just shut up about it...or else.

Yes, that is what has befallen our country...

Did you ever think we would come to this?

I certainly didn't, not in my wildest imagination.

Perhaps, the Mayans were right, and it will be the end of the world, but even if they are wrong, it could still be the end of the world as we have known it.

Will the new year bring a positive change? I hope so. A friend keeps telling me that he thinks it will.

The photo, above, was taken with a cell phone, very early this morning. I thought it was a bit unusual to see a rainbow at that hour...so, maybe I should take it as a good omen.

Meanwhile, keep praying...

Time will tell.


Donald Douglas said...

Thanks for the link, Jan!

Here's my New Year's post: 'Blogging in 2012'.

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