January 28, 2010

If At First You Don't Succeed, Blame, Blame, Blame

I was almost beginning to feel sorry for President Obama a few days ago, trying to give him the benefit of the doubt..again...but after last night, I am more disappointed in him, and his performance as leader of the nation, and I didn't think that was possible.

The reason I was beginning to feel a little sorry for him--and I know you will think this is strange--but it was a result of watching American Idol, over the years, and watching some of the contestants in their auditions.

Are your eyebrows furrowed, yet?

Anyway, I always think, when I see some of those poor people up there making fools of themselves, or looking just plain foolish and ignorant, and of course, getting ridiculed, and rejected, and some of them crying, some angry and defiant--I wonder why they, with absolutely no talent, or ability, or maybe a little talent, put themselves through that? Why do they audition in the first place? The more I thought about it, I realized that they, themselves, are convinced that they are super talented-- head and shoulders above the rest--not because they are, but because they have been convinced, by others...family members, friends, etc...that they are. They believe the lies that others tell them about themselves. Sometimes, though, they have a kind of mental derangement, and have grandiose ideas about themselves, and just can't accept that others can't see that.

So, that was why I was beginning to feel a little pity for Obama, thinking how he has always been told how great, how intelligent, how charismatic--and he does have some of those positive characteristics, and abilities. He has some expertise in some areas, but he is finding out that he is not the Superman that he has been led to believe, and that has to be a hurtful awakening. So, thinking in those terms, I was feeling a little sorry for him, considering that he must be feeling a bit of a failure, after all the promises he had made, but couldn't keep.

However, after the speech last night, I have to believe that not only has he been convinced by others that he is exceptional in every way, but that he, also, has the grandiose ideas about himself, and he came across as very angry that others could ever doubt his ability to accomplish all the things he promised, and if only everyone who doubts him, would stop fighting him, he could do it all. In other words, every single failure on his part, or his party's part, was the fault of Bush, and/or the mean old conservative Republicans.

The way he chastised the Supreme Court Justices, before the whole nation, was inexcusable. Not only that, but it pretty much showed his disdain toward the sanctity of that office, and just about everything else that has made this nation a beacon of light to all others.

I would have liked to have seen him succeed, as our leader, as long as it was for the good of the country, and for each of its citizens, but it looks like that is about as far-fetched as seeing me audition for American Idol!


povertyflatsusa said...

Jan, although I have never heard you sing, I have no doubt whatsoever that your ability to sing is far greater than his ability to lead this nation. End of story !!

Jan said...

povertyflatsusa..actually, I'm a pretty good vocalist!

Or, so I've been told by family, friends, etc. LOL

I have enough sense not to believe EVERYTHING anyone tells me, though..so I won't be auditioning for American Idol!

Hopefully, he won't be running for office, again, either! :)

Nancy said...

When I listened to the speech, I was rolling my eyes, as he was pretty much saying what I expected him to, down to the blame.

I'd noticed on an earlier speech, that he tends to go "I did..." , but, "We're in trouble...." because "YOU didn't do enough...."

When he crossed the line to tell the supreme court that he didn't CARE if there were supposed to be three co equal branches of the government (If I were a congressman that would have made my hackles stand up, too!) I lost it. How DARE he?

Jan said...

Hey, Nancy!

You aren't the only one who 'lost it' while that speech was going on.

My husband, and I, couldn't keep our mouths shut during the whole thing, but when he did that to the Supreme Court Justices, we both just about had apolexy!

He DARES because he knows that he can get away with anything to do with trashing this country, and never has to give account for anything--just look at the people he has appointed for his administration.