January 21, 2010


Adam Bouska’s NO H8 photos have become the symbol of ending discrimination against gays and lesbians ... and as of this morning, former would-be first lady Cindy McCain has become one of the campaign’s spokesmodels. Photographer Adam Bouska talks about shooting Cindy and her daughter Meghan, their efforts to change what it means to be a Republican, and why Cindy is speaking out for gay rights now.
Read about it, here.

I was surprised to find out about Senator John McCain's wife being in favor of gay marriage, and to see how far she has gone in supporting it, really surprises me!

Well, no, it deserves a much stronger word than that. Actually, I am flabbergasted! Who knew? Maybe, we should have, in light of the way their daughter, Meghan, has been really "out there" in voicing her opinions about what she thinks a Republican should be representative of, none of which line up with my own.

What is this woman thinking? I agree that what anyone does in the privacy of his or her own bedroom is their business, but to come out in support of something that her husband, obviously, is diametrically opposed to, is like a slap in the face, I would think.

I had heard that several on McCain's campaign were more liberal than conservative, and that they are the ones who tried to derail Governor Palin. I tried to think of it as nothing more than rumor, but now, after reading this, I am inclined to believe that it was all true.

Maybe, it's just my suspicious mind, but I always got the feeling, whenever I saw them all together, that Cindy McCain had no fondness for Sarah Palin, and I'm wondering now, just how much she had to do with things that happened...the little tid-bits that, somehow, just seemed to slip out, putting Palin in a bad light--but forgive me. This is not about Palin, but all about the way that certain individuals are trying to make the Right look like they are more liberal in their thinking than what they try to portray to the world. That we are not as "moral" as we would like others to think that we are.

I've been reading around, trying to find out what other people are thinking, and saying, and some of the things I've read would probably make her hair stand on end, as far as the symbolism of the things portrayed in the photo.

Sometimes, I think that certain individuals will sell their souls for just a little bit of the spotlight, and morals, and ethics, be hanged! Unfortunately, there are too many of those individuals kicking and scratching to obtain political power and persuasion.

This has nothing to do with civil rights, or protecting the rights of gays and lesbians, but goes much deeper than that.

It is all so sickening, because it shows how very low our country has sunken, and it looks like we continue to sink even lower.

So, Mrs. McCain, as far as this Conservative is concerned, what you are trying to do is wrong, and to that I say, "No, no, no!"

A thousand times, "No!"


Donald Douglas said...

Very well said, Jan... I noted last night that I'm getting tired of speaking out on this issue, since logic, reason, and universal right don't seem to sink into the the thick-headed leftists intent to destroy our society ...

Always On Watch said...

Being for gay rights has become the new anti-racism. Not so, of course, but the pc push is on. Ugh!

Jan said...


It does seem to be a hopeless cause, doesn't it?

Jan said...

Always On Watch..yes, the mindset of these people is unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

I'd go along with that analysis.

Jan said...