December 20, 2009

We Are Not Ashamed...Merry Christmas!

While you are gathered together with your friends and loved ones in celebration of this special Christmas season, please take a moment to remember our men and women in uniform who will not be spending this special time with the people they love.

Let's pray for their safe return to their families, and remember to give thanks for
all the blessings in our own lives.

Freedom is one of the blessings we have, and it is their sacrifice which helps to assure that we, as Americans, of every color and creed, can stand together to proclaim that this is Our Country, and we are proud of it, and not ashamed of our own moral clarity, nor of our Christian heritage.

Merry Christmas!

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Donald Douglas said...

That's a very special post, Jan. Thanks so much. The troops and their families appreciate it.

I've got a neat post up, responding to the query, "how do I do it": 'Superhuman Blogging!'. Have a great Sunday!