November 04, 2009

We're The People

I watched an old movie on television, recently, about hardships and loss. Not only loss of all material possessions due to a depression, but loss of life of family members, as they pursued a way to survive, and not only to survive, but to find a better way of life. Along the way, they were faced with having their dignity taken away, and along with that, their very freedom. Throughout it all, in spite of all the difficulties, they faced everything with a stoicism worthy of admiration.

As I watched the movie, "The Grapes of Wrath" I was struck with the similarities of the possible events facing our country at this time, and of the fears of many of the people today. To say that the events portrayed in a movie could never happen in real life is equivalent to hiding one's face in the sand. Certain events are already happening, but many are still unable to see it, or refusing to admit that our nation is undergoing changes never imagined in this lifetime.

It is easy to despair when one looks around and sees the hardships happening all around us, on a daily basis...loss of jobs, of homes, and families being torn apart because it is no longer possible, financially, to stay together in one place. Instead of getting better, as promised in campaign promises, they are only getting worse, and we are losing, along with homes, and jobs, many of our freedoms.

I hope it is not too late to turn our country around again, but in order to do so, we must all work together to see that we have the right people in places of power...people of moral character, whose interest is in seeing that all people are treated equally, and fairly, and not denied their God-given right to freedom--people who are in office, not for their own personal greed, but to work for the rights of all citizens, no matter the color of skin, or whether they are rich or poor.

Believe it or not, I do have a little glimmer of hope, as I sit here, thinking of the very last line spoken in that movie.

As what is left of the family is in the old truck, moving on to whatever else faces them--the old man sits there, despondent, and feeling that he has failed, but his wife, as stoic as ever, explains to him the differences in themselves, as man and woman, and how it is that they get through life, each in his, or her, own way, She has not lost her dignity, nor has she lost her hope, as she says: "We'll go on forever, Pa--'cause WE'RE the PEOPLE!"

Yes, let's remember that we ARE the PEOPLE. We are diverse, our ways of living and coping are different but we are "WE, THE PEOPLE" of this great country of ours, and nothing, NOTHING, should ever change that! With God's help, we WILL go on FOREVER as a country under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL!


povertyflatsusa said...

Jan, great post as usual. I watched the same movie this week, and what a story ! Too bad there are so few movies being made today that are worth watching.
Have a really blessed day today and enjoy God's immeasurable grace.

Jan said...

Thank you, Don..I'm glad you came by, but I didn't really think anyone other than the ones who land here from a Google search.

Since I don't post much, they're about the only readers I have left, which is to be expected.

I liked that movie, too..not only not filled with filthy language, but with something of value to consider, if we only think about it.

I come by by your blog all the time, but it looks like you're not posting, either--but at least, you have good excuse! LOL

It sounds like from what you have written on older posts, that your business is booming, and you and your new bride are happy and blessed.

God bless you, friend.

Yabu said...

Great post...really

Jan said...

Yabu..why, thank you...really!

I'm honored that you came by, and it almost makes me want to start blogging again. :)

Donald Douglas said...

Well, you should start blogging again!

Desert Cat said...

See there ya go--think on it long enough and Jan *will* make lemonade out of those lemons.

If anything, hard times ought to be bringing--or pushing--families together again. Whether grudgingly or by choice, it makes financial sense to pool more people under one roof, and like 'em or not, blood relations are the most logical groups of people to share and pool diminishing resources.

Affluence pushes people apart, because they *can* go their own way and not make the hard choices necessary to live together in some semblance of peace.

As Christians, what we may be facing is even more dire, but we have the promises of the Word that we will be protected from the power of the deception that will draw many astray, and that we are not amongst those destined for the wrath that is to come.

Even if this is just a replay of Grapes of Wrath and not the final hour, there are few people of faith who come through trials without their faith strengthened. Not that it is any fun, but He says, "I will never leave you nor forsake you," and with that we have all we need to take the next step that is in front of us.

This world is not our home, we're just a-passing through.
Our treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue...

Jan said...

"This world is not our home, we're just a-passing through.
Our treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue..."

Amen to that, DC.

I believe that, but I know that there are many of us who just forget to remember it, sometimes.

I like the concept of families living together, and of having grand parents, and even great grandparents, being together, and supporting one another--unfortunately, it doesn't happen much nowadays, whether times are hard or not.

I know a great family whose wife, husband, and kids are living in three different areas because of lack of jobs, which to me, is very sad.

Thanks for your comments..I really appreciate it. :)