May 24, 2009

Now..More Than Ever

So much has been said and written on this special day.

Really, there are no words that can adequately convey what this day stands for, nor the importance of remembering what it stands for.

I had many uncles who fought in past wars.

A husband.

A father-in-law.

Thank God they didn't have to lose their lives, but they would have been willing, if it had come to that--and to an uncle, and my father-in-law, it was close, as they both received nearly mortal wounds.

The wounds that my husband received are not apparent, physically, but they are deep within his heart, and psyche, and he will never forget what he went through in Viet Nam, and he will never feel the same again, about a lot of things.

We have been so blessed in this country, and for too long we have taken it so much for granted. Today, as we see many of the freedoms that our loved ones, friends, neighbors, and perfect strangers, fought for, and died for, slipping away, it is very important that we determine to never allow their sacrifices to have been in vain.

Now, more than ever, it is so important that we stand up for what we believe in, to hold on to what we still have, with everything we've got, for as long as it takes, to assure that it will never be taken from us by anyone, for any reason.

The cost for what we have has been too great, and that is something that we should never forget!


GUYK said...

Thanks Jan.

Jan said... heartfelt thanks to you!

Z said...

your picture brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet slant on this important day.
God bless you, dear Jan, and thanks for your very kind words at geeeZ! how nice of you.
America wouldn't have been the same without the men in your family.

Jan said...

Z..thank you!

Thanks for your kind words, too.

We all have so much to be thankful for, I know.

Don and Frances Miller said...

Jan, what a great post !!!! My Dad served and fought in both WWII and Korea, wounded in action in France, and POW in Korea. He was a fighter all his life until the last enemy, lung cancer, took him down. I had the privilege of preaching his funeral service, and it was a graduation ceremony as he stepped over into Eternal life.
Have a great day......

Jan said...


I know that was a priviliege to have preached your dad's funeral, sad as it must have been--but you had, and have the hope of seeing him again.

My husband preached my little mama's funeral, too, and we called it a 'Coronation' ceremony.

It's hard to understand for some, that joy can come out of such sorrow, but it can.

The Blessed Hope.

Where would we be without it?

povertyflatsusa said...

Jan, you are so very right. DM

Z said...

I came back just to look at the's so very, very sweet!
Thanks, Honey!

Jan said...'s almost as sweet as you, but not quite!

I like my new name, but I think it suits you more than it does me!

Maybe, you should start calling me Vinegar, instead! LOL

I love you, Z!