March 02, 2009

Something Stinking This Way Comes

Obama will sign 410 billion spending bill despite the over 8,000 earmarks.

Look...I'll be a good citizen, and save the tax payers 1.8 million dollars of that money.

I'll volunteer to go around from pigsty to pigsty and take notes on which ones smell worse, and make a few suggestions on how to make them smell better.

It shouldn't be too hard. After all, pigs are pigs..always have been, always will be, and they'll keep on doing what they always have done.

They're swine. They stink.

Just like all that pork in the stimulus bill.


Don and Frances Miller said...

Jan, great point !! But the thing about a pig is, you can take it out of the pigsty, give it a bath, put some perfume on it and a big ribbon around it's neck but when you turn it loose it will go right back to the pigsty. Why ? Because it is still a pig ! A pig, a politician, little difference. They both love the mud. DM

Jan said...

DM..why, you philosopher, you!

I am laughing, because I think you hit the nail right on the head!

GUYK said...

Heh, having been at one time a Hawg farmer I can attest to the fact that pigs DO NOT stink...but pig manure is some smelly stuff!

Back in 1985/86 I was involved with the operations of a big agri-business outfit in Oklahoma. Part of it was a small commercial hog where we took from forty to fifty prime hogs to market each week. The hogs were raised on a concrete floor with one end of it sloped to drain into a septic. Someone washed the floors down at least twice a day. The smell went away after the wash down...what is needed is a hog trainer...some one to teach them to floor break them and teach them to take a crap over a septic drain and then flush it! Now, I wonder if Obama will give me a million or so to study this proposition...

Jan said...

Now, I wonder if Obama will give me a million or so to study this proposition...

Well, Guyk...better thee than me! :)

What you say makes sense to me. I wonder why all the smart people in government don't already know all this stuff?

Oh, I forgot..they probably do, but then they would have had to try to come up with something else to spend 1.8 million dollars on!

Thanks for your enlightening comments!