March 13, 2009

Looking For Leadership In The Veggie Patch

Nearly 85,000 people have signed an online petition calling for part of the White House lawn to be turned into a vegetable patch.

"The idea is for the Obama family to plant an organic vegetable garden on part of the White House lawn, with the cultivated veggies going to the White House kitchen and any overflow going to feed those in need," Roger Doiron, the man behind the petition, said.

You can read all about the "Victory Garden," here.

Hmmm...I wouldn't count on the overflow going to feed those in need, though. Unless, of course, you consider the ones attending all those White House parties, needy.

Oh, wait...plain old organic veggies may not be good enough, considering the lavish menus featured at those parties, anyway.

"It was a time of war, it was at a time of economic crisis, and it was at a time when Americans were looking to the White House for leadership," he said of the Roosevelt allotment.

Sorry, Mr. Doiron, but I just don't think that plan's going to work, this time.


povertyflatsusa said...

Jan, I havn't had much reason to laugh for the last couple of months but this picture is really funny. I had to laugh. If they just had donkey ears it would be perfect. Thanks for hanging in. DM

Anonymous said...


This story reminds me of an episode of the Beverly Hillbilly's where the Clampets are going to plow up the lush front lawn of their mansion and plat tatter's and rutabeger's. Hilarious stuff!! And who, pray tell, is going to tend this garden? I'm sure "the first family" is not going to get their hands dirty!! Anyway, great story It made me laugh.

Jan said...

DM..if it gave you a laugh, then I am happy!

I kinda had to laugh at that picture, too! :)

Jan said...

Bill..remember Rahm Emanuel talking about everybody between the ages of 18 and 25 having to 'volunteer' so many hours to community service?

Maybe, something like that is what they have in mind! LOL

Desert Cat said...

You know, it is not a half-bad idea whether the Obama's cultivate it or not. It might send a much-needed message to the Nazified HOA boards across the country that front yards do not need to be a uniform expanse of grass and board-approved shrubbery.

Let people cultivate a garden if they choose to, and use the water and fertilizer wasted on grass for a more valuable crop.

Jan said...

Let people cultivate a garden if they choose to, and use the water and fertilizer wasted on grass for a more valuable crop.

DC..that would be a great idea, but I wonder how many would actually do it?

Even if they would, I'm sure there would be some agency telling them what they could, and could not harvest...doggone it!

Nancy said...

I have slipped food crops into my front gardens, in defiance of my HOA. I do make sure that they're pretty veggies... which, most veg plants are, anyway. This year, okra and garlic in the rose bed, onions in the herb bed and citrus in containers in front!

Jan said... clever girl! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL, I love it

Jan said...


Thanks for dropping by! :)