March 22, 2009

Letter From The Past

With all the turmoil in our country right now, it is easy to lose sight of what is really important. All we see is deception, greed, and corruption. We become depressed..discouraged, and begin to think that there is no hope..but there is, there has to be.

Today, reading this, I, again, feel encouraged, knowing that our land is still filled with men like I read about here, and as long as we know that, there is hope.

Read, "A Letter To My Father, From His"

You'll be encouraged, too.


povertyflatsusa said...

Jan, what an amazing letter. You, and your readers alike have been truly blessed by the reading of it. DM

Jan said... really is an amazing letter!

I hope a lot of people read it, and will be blessed and encouraged.

Z said...

wasn't that fantastic, Jan? I loved it, too!! It was like AMERICANA wrapped in one letter. EVERY American should have a dad like that!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Jan, thank you so very kindly for your comments on my blog, and thank you for the links and blogpost here.


Jan said...

Z..absolutely fantastic!

What a difference it would make to have a father's wisdom, such as that, for guidance and direction life!

Jan said... are so very welcome.

I was honored to do it..thank you!

Anonymous said...

Jan, Those are the values that made this country great. Thanks for sharing that - it was like a cool breath of fresh air.


Jan said...


It's good to be reminded, isn't it?