March 11, 2009

In A Little While...

You know what?

I just don't want to do this anymore. I am sick at heart. I am tired of the fraud and deception being perpetrated against this nation--against the citizens of our country.

I've been reading around at other blogs, and even though they feel discouraged at times, they say that they are determined to keep putting it out there, telling it like it is, for as long as they are able to do it, but it is getting harder, and harder, for me. I even resort to humor and ridicule in doing it, but I feel mangled inside..within my uttermost being...within my very spirit.

I read the post of one of my blogger friends, today...The Pen is Mightier than the Sword and I cried. Why? I guess it just reminded me, again, of the mess that we now find ourselves in, and even though my friend put a positive spin on it, at the moment, in spite of my own faith, I just can't seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That's a sure sign that I need to, at least, take a break from it all.

Nothing that I write on here is all that profound, anyway, but I know that every little bit helps, so I'll be back in a little while..when I'm feeling better.

If America ever passes out, as a great nation, we ought to put on our tombstone: America died from a delusion she had Moral Leadership.
~Will Rogers


Kim said...

Aw, I hate to see you feeling so down. I am too though. Let's keep praying for the best.

Donald Douglas said...

You have a vital voice of moral clarity. Come back and blog when you feel better later.

Anonymous said...

Jan, I feel for you. I feel much the same - I haven't added anything to my blog for many weeks. It seems pretty pointless right now. Not life, just the blogging.

povertyflatsusa said...

Jan, May I return to you something you said to me in a post a couple of months ago when my wife passed away suddenly ? This was the lowest point of my life. I had no desire to go on, and still don't most of the time. It has been the encouragement of some very fine people like yourself who have motivated me to keep going. You said, quite simply,"Don't give up."
Step back, take a breather if you must, but don't ever give up. God is still in control of his world, even when we can't see the purpose in any of it. He will often allow us to go thru trials and hardtimes to built our faith and often to correct our course. Hang in there, it's Friday, but Sunday's coming. DM

Nancy said...

Don't give up, Jan. Even if you need to step back and concentrate on the good things in your life for a while, I know you have worthy things to say.

And the good things are there with you, all the time.

Desert Cat said...

Here is the thing: there is no light at the end of the tunnel for this world, because this world has rejected the "Light of the World". The collision course is set--the curtain has raised on the last act.

It is time for a paradigm shift. We may mourn what once was and will never any longer be. But we need to turn our eyes to the future--the real one, not the delusions painted by our "leaders".

I believe that the near future holds the final conflict and the Day of the Lord. Those of us who are in Him have a very great light at the end of our tunnels, one that far outshines the darkness and turmoil that we see forming in our present and immediate future. We need to give up our hope in this world--in its human institutions and leaders--and cast our faith on the One Who has given us eternal hope. Not just as a mental exercise--believing as we were taught but still doing what the world dictates we do to obtain happiness, success, comfort and prosperity--but as the needful desperate act of one whose hope no longer lies in the things of this world we follow after His words *instead*, (not in addition).

Especially if we have not yet come to that point of desperation in our physical lives, it is important to make that transition more fully than we ever have before, so that we are not taken unawares when tribulation finally comes to us. Because we are told in the scriptures that the time of testing will be great, and many will fall into apostasy. Time and time again we are exhorted in scripture to stand, and to overcome by standing faithfully to the end. Only those who overcome will receive the rewards promised.

(I am preaching to myself here as much as anyone, because I find myself gripped with fear from time to time, losing my focus on the end of the journey and muddling about in the terrifying details of the present.)

So perhaps it is best to do as you're doing and take your eyes off of Washington and the unfolding debacle. Look instead within your own life, your meditations, thoughts, things you may be doing to buffer your family against the trouble to come, etc. and write about that instead.

I still write about what I see coming because there are so many who do not, but I balance that now with stuff closer to home. I follow what's going on in Washington, but mostly I only shake my head and say to myself that the times are set and what is to come has been ordained. Those who are promulgating these things are hastening their own demise.

Jack said...

Don't give up. You're just like the rest of us, burned out and discouraged, I haven't blogged in months, I'm on hiatus. We all have been preaching to the choir and that means solace, that you are not alone in the plight we are in. I'm keeping a foot in the door anyway and when I feel like joining the fray I will.
I see visible signs that there are chinks in their armor and they are getting nervous about 'their' elected leaders.
Rest if you must but don't give up. They are just beginning to expose themselves on both aisles.

Linda G. said...

I have renewed hope in the process right now because I see a slight shift in the attitude of some of the Democrats in Congress.
I've started on a letter campaign and hope people will join me, but as you know, I hadn't done any political blogging since the election. I took a long rest, focusing instead on the good things in my life.
Step back and smell the roses in your life Jan, knowing your friends are loving and loyal and will be here whenever you feel like blogging and reading what ever you choose to post.