February 24, 2009

For Bill And Roxie

Bill and Roxie..I hope you enjoy this song. It's one of my favorites, and it always reminds me of the two of you.


Roxi said...

Jan- THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It really REALLY MEANT so much to the both of us. It was so CUTE the way Bill was when he ran across this. He goes "Oh, Honey come here and look." We both needed that so much. THANK YOU, you don't know how much your friendship has meant to the both of us. Bill was really not looking forward to blogging after his mom passed because noone read it. I told him to go ahead and blog because it does him alot for his therapy. AND then to have you read it, and comment, and then THIS!! It makes everything worth doing. And once again, THANK YOU. Friends always, Roxi and Bill

Anonymous said...

Good song!

Linda G. said...

This song has made me cry..
Thank you for posting it!

Jan said...

Roxie..I'm glad you and Bill enjoyed it!

I'm glad if it enouraged you, because I appreciate you both.

Thanks for your friendship!

Jan said...

Hermit..it is a good song, isn't it?

Jan said...

Linda..you're welcome!

It is one of my favorites, and I always feel a little stirring of emotion when I listen to it, too.