February 11, 2009

Enough To Make You Sick

As if we didn't have enough problems, already, now we have to worry about this.

I know a lot of people without any kind of health insurance, and even those who do have it, sometimes have a lot of complaints about health care; even so, I think that with all the faults, we still have about as good as it gets when it comes to being able to at least obtain help when we need it.

I know, personally, a lot of good people who are going to suffer dire consequences as a result of what is about to transpire.

Who knows how long it will be until someone you know is denied life saving procedures, or even medication, because of age, or other restrictions?

Is this part of the hope and change that was promised, and everyone clamored for? Well, there's going to be plenty of changes, but not much hope that I can see.


Lydia said...

Hello Jan,
How true this is. I feel that our leaders are spending a lot of money on the wrong things.
I think we need to start seeing what's taking place all around us, it's pretty horrific.
Thanks for this post Jan.
Wishing you a very nice evening,

Jan said...

Lydia..it's so true.

Your comments are appreciated..thanks!

Wishing you a very nice evening, too!

Roxi said...

I truly, truly believe what you said on this post. I am truly having a hard time with this stimulus package he is talking about and then on the other side of the spectrum we have this WOMAN who just had 8 more kids. That NOT ONLY DO WE HAVE TO SUPPORT but then when one or more of these children are sick then we are going to have to support them more. I have a HUGE HUGE problem of this whole situation.

Sorry, I get on my soap-box when it comes to the healthcare situation and then the welfare situation. I know that someone will probably be angry with me and my thinking. But, you know like Bill's mom and then his cousin just died last week from Pancreatic Cancer. She was only 56 years-old and couldn't afford the medicine. And I am sure that Bill's step-dad will have to go bankrupt with the hospital bills that accrued with his mom's ordeal.

Anyway, I am glad that I stopped by your blog. Thank you for the comment. I will stop by more often, hopefully, not to get on my soap-box. ;)

Jan said...

Roxie..welcome to my blog!

It is a terrible situation, and as bad as things are now--such as what happened with your cousin having no money to pay for the medicine--it is going to get a lot worse with this bill.

It's true that so many take advantage of the system, and profit from it--and there are just as many others with legitimate needs who can get no help at all.

It's an unfair system now, and it will be worse in the future.

It's okay to get on your soap-box, because there is plenty enough reason to do so! :)

Donald Douglas said...

The leftists were totally trying to discredit this story. They can't stand it when folks shine a light on their true socialist designs.

Jan said...

Donald..of course, but I'll bet you aren't surprised.