December 20, 2008

Mary Did You Know?

This is what I really want to think about during this Christmas season. It is, after all, what it's all about. It is about hope and promise, and peace that transcends everything.


GUYK said...

yes, it is about hope and promise. The solstice was yesterday and the ancients knew that if they gave homage to the solstice that spring and new life would surely follow...and it always has.

But I think maybe the Christmas tradition of giving is about more than hope and is about love. To paraphase one of the biblical teachers, Paul I think but I would have to research it, 'hope and promise may die but love lasts eternal' or something like that.

And Christmas is the season that we want to celebrate with the ones we love.

sheoflittlebrain said...

Beautiful Jan! Thank you:)
Hear's wishing you a beautiful, warm and Happy Christmas!

Jan said...

Guyk..yes, it is about love.

I am not sure which scripture you paraphrased, but the bible is filled with encouragement and promise of fulfillment.

It is a source of much strength and encouragement.

Jan said...

She..that song has become one of my favorites.

Thank you, and I return the good wishes to you and your family.