November 09, 2008

Be Happy, Don't Worry?

Oh, good grief..everytime I try to accept things the way they are, and just be happy, I come across something like this!

As I've said before, I don't profess to be a prophet, but awhile back, even before he mentioned a civilian security force, I said that if he became President, that it wouldn't be long until he would be requiring all citizens to participate in some kind of work-force. I guess I wasn't far from wrong.

Go read this, and see just how much happiness and peace of mind it brings you.

Just in case you're thinking you're too young, or even too old, rest assured that this really will be an equal opportunity endeavor.

Shades of past history..but I'm not even going to go there.


Anonymous said...

I really like the new look!

sheoflittlebrain said...

Hope the blue isn't symbolic of your mood! It's very pretty anyway:)

I had seen this and also some blogger postings. The language has been changed from mandatory community service for anyone under 55, to language refering to payment for community service because it is against the constitution of the US to force citizens into government service.
When I first saw the video you post here, I pictured a peace keeping force of big black-panther types. Not very pc of me, but it could be started as a sort of ccc boy project for underprivileged youth. Not very pc of me, but there you go.

I must have a streak of Golam in me because I covet your Precious:)

I know it's hard to focus on the triva of everyday life. I'm thinking of starting a political blog and keeping the old one as well..then people could choose. Although I seem to have few readers left:)

Jan said...

She..just thought I wanted a change. Funny, but I'm really beginning to dislike the very sound of that word. ;)

I understand what you mean about losing your happens.

I'll always come around though! LOL

Jan said...

Hermit..I almost overlooked your comment!

I'm glad you like the new look..maybe I'll keep it for awhile.