August 19, 2008

On Saddleback Faith Forum

I can't stop thinking about the Saddleback Faith Forum between Senator Obama and Senator McCain which was moderated by Reverend Rick Warren, last night.

Listening to Obama's answers, or explanations, concerning his stance on abortion, I was disgusted, and horrified at some of his statements. Even knowing how he has voted concerning the issue of partial birth abortions, actually hearing him speak about it sickened me even more. The one about it being above his pay-grade took the cake, though! But still, there were those who sat on news panels today, and tried to explain what he was really saying when he said that.

His cronies and devoted followers, and advisors can sugar-coat his words, say that he was really saying 'this', when he was saying 'that', and praise him to high Heaven, but it still does not change the fact that he is an inherently evil man, if he can condone such a thing as partial birth abortion. He may not think so, or even realize it, but who, or what, could endorse something that evil, if not being just as evil?

I came across some videos on here a couple of years ago, quite by accident, showing aborted babies, some of which were actually 'live' births, but killed while still partially in the womb, and it was horrifying! Some of them actually have their brains sucked out, and their little bodies are hacked to that anything but evil, and does this country realize that? Do we care? I'm wondering how really informed most citizens are about such things? I think many just go around day-to-day, in their own little world, totally unaware of the real world, and what is happening on a daily basis.

Infanticide isn't taking place only in other is happening right here in the United States of America. In this great country which has been the guardian of life for so many, we are actually trying to get a man elected who will think nothing of allowing the taking of lives of innocent babies, in a most heinous manner. If we aren't all crying, we should be.

On another note, Reverend Warren, was on Larry King tonight, trying to clarify whether or not Senator McCain had actually been isolated from hearing the questions asked of Senator Obama. While he was speaking, he actually clarified something for me concerning a question asked of Obama.

Thinking that neither of the candidates were to be informed of the questions which were to be asked, I was surprised when Reverend Warren asked Obama about approving some kind of fund to help orphans, and Obama laughingly replied that he had cheated, somewhat, and had done some research on the subject, before coming on the show. Then tonight, Warren actually said that he had given the question to him before the show, because it didn't seem fair to catch him off-guard, or something like that. He said that he had not given the question to McCain, because he had gotten there late.

So, now I know that at least one of them had prior knowledge of at least one question, but what was the real deal? Did they, or did they not have access to the questions to be asked, before the show?

Whatever it was, Senator McCain far outshone Senator Obama in all of his answers, and in his presentation.

Senator McCain has his own weaknesses, and whether or not I agree with all of his policies, there is one thing on which we both agree.

When asked, "At what point is the baby entitled to human rights?"

Senator McCain, without hesitation, answered: "At the moment of conception."

That gets my vote.


GUYK said...

Somehow the logic of partial birth abortion doesn't compute to me..why is it that it is legal to suck a babies brains out while the kid is in the womb but to do one second after birth is murder? HUH? I just don't understand.

rockync said...

I was very happy with this forum and the chance to hear both the candidates answering tough questions without the dog and pony show of an open debate. I think this type of forum should be the template for all future elections. I don't know if they got a preview of the questions or not, but I don't find the possibility too bothersome.

Anonymous said...

I missed that one.

Jan said...

guyk..the really awful thing about partial birth abortions, is the fact that they are not only murdered while inside the womb, but 'finished off' in one way or another if they happen to make it out while still alive.

How can anyone condone such things? How can anyone try to elect someone President who condones such things?

That's what I don't understand!

Jan said...

rockync..I much prefer that kind of forum, too, and it doesn't bother me, one way or the other, whether or not they knew the questions to be asked. What does bother me, is if they were given prior knowledge after the public was told that they would not, because it is so deceitful..on everyone's part.

Jan said... missed the question, or the entire forum? :)

Papa Frank said...

McCain did well by being himself and sharing his life and values with America. By doing that it is easy to see that his values are FAR CLOSER to our values than the O-man. The latest Zogby poll reflects that by placing McCain 5 points ahead of Nobama going into the Dimocrap convention.

rockync said...

Unfortunately, Jan, it seems like deceit has become an acceptable fixture in our society.
Is it any wonder that Americans are so jaded and mistrustful of their own representatives?
It would be such a wonderful change of pace if someone; anyone, would just stand up and say what they mean and mean what they say!
I keep wondering what happened to that concept of public service actually serving the public...

Shaina said...

Lets be careful here. Most Americans don't care because it is too hard to care. We read things like what you've said here about abortion and think the same things as you, but then what? You have only caused empathy toward the subject. You have given publicity to the problem of abortion, but posed no solution. Give due time to a solution. And the solution is not the president, but above him.

Jan said...

'I keep wondering what happened to that concept of public service actually serving the public...' fell by the wayside, long ago.

Jan said...

"You have given publicity to the problem of abortion, but posed no solution. Give due time to a solution. And the solution is not the president, but above him."

Shaina..the problem of abortion needs all the publicity it can get, and of course I have no solution, because women will do what they please when it comes to that;however, I don't have to help get someone elected who will help them to do it, and I don't have to keep quiet about it, just because I have no solution.

If you meant the solution above the president is God, well, so do I, but it seems that God has been left out of the equation, here.

Thanks for your comments.

Desert Cat said...

The temporal solution to the problem lies with the Supreme Court in the near term. But the Supreme Court is staffed by those we elect--the President who nominates and the Senate who confirms. So on the topic of abortion, it does matter very much who we put into office.

It may be the only saving grace that McCain has that will get me to vote for him, if the contest is close in my state.