May 06, 2008

Blacks More Impacted By Immigration?

An excerpt from

You better believe Black teens looking for summer jobs are feeling the impact of immigration," said Gomez. It's worrisome because Blacks are suffering more from the invasion than whites because they (generally) have fewer resources with which to run away from immigration."

"It's a very stressful and difficult dilemma. Sometimes you feel like you're straddling two nations, on one hand you strive for diversity, on the other you are forced to hire people who are best equipped to serve your core customer base. Sometimes that boils down to bilingual preferred," says fast food manager Kevin Ellis who is biracial (Latino/Black) speaks some Spanish and does everything from hire workers to taking customer's orders, cooking food, assembling sandwiches and handing orders to customers.

"I hate to sound so cynical," but the American workplace is turning Spanish very fast. That requires you to learn another language in high school. That's reality." said Ellis.

You can read the rest of this most interesting article here.

Maybe, it's just me, but I can't see how Blacks would be feeling the impact of immigration more than the rest of the population.

They have fewer resources with which to run away from immigration? You mean it is possible to do that? I think these folks need to get real--immigration is here, with all of its ramifications, like it or not.
Blacks more impacted? I really don't think we need another reason for blaming others, nor another guilt-trip placed on anyone.

Poor is poor, and it comes in all colors. As does discrimination. Period.

It is what it is.

What do you think?


rockync said...

I think you are exactly right. What we don't need is any more "victims." We need to find workable solutions to the problems of immigration illegal or legal that maintain our American ideals while protecting against further hardships.

Dazd said...

Now everyone will be "owed" something. Immigration effects us all, no matter the race. And just wait if Obama gets in office, it'll get worse.

GUYK said...

Years ago I read a book titled "the Browning Of America"...don't remember who wrote it and I'm too lazy to google it...seems that I remember that the gist of the book was that because of interracial marriage and immigration white Americans would be in the minority by 2020 or something like that..damned if the writer might not have been right! And me espanol es pocito or how ever in hell it is spelled.

Jan said...

dazd..I have no doubt about that!

Jan said...

guyk..hora de estudiar nuestro español, supongo!

Or better, yet..let them start studying English!

Maybe we are on our way to being minorities..time will tell.

Desert Cat said...

The subtext is that Mexican immigration is robbing American blacks of their ability to claim a bigger share of the victimhood pie. As a group Mexicans tend to put the lie to the notion that whitey is capable of keeping the colored folk down. And because Mexicans tend to be hard working family-oriented folks, they end up making the inner-city subculture blacks look pretty bad in comparison.

Jan said...

DC..I'm glad you brought that out. I started to mention it, but didn't, but since you did, I will say that, ironically, the black lady that I mentioned in another post..the one who hated whites for so long..said to me,once, that blacks hated Hispanics. I asked why, and she said pretty much what you just said. She said, "Because now, they will start trying to get what rightfully belongs to us."

This was at least five or six years ago, so I can only imagine how much more strongly she feels about that now. Also, she added, "And they are not even Americans." Now, there's the real irony..that from someone who insists upon calling herself an "African-American" and not just an "American." Sad.

GUYK said...

estudio espanol deis hora el college pero no escribo y hablo, es verdad

Jan said...

guyk..Vamos a hablar nuestro propio idioma .. Inglés.

Jan said...

guyk..I just realized..we're doing just what they want us to do..speak Spanish! LOL