April 06, 2008

Who Is This Man With Obama?

I know who this man is because I've been reading about him for quite awhile. I have thought about writing about him for some time, wondering why the real bloggers hadn't, but now someone has.

You can read it here: Who is this Man with Obama?

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Richard said...

Whoever wrote the article you posted should have spent a few extra minutes looking at Raila Obama from one of many educational sites available. The Kenyan Luo tribe is made up of over 23 subtribes with additional off shoots from those. They represent a broad spectrum of people and religion. Mr.Obama's clan is not responsible for any of the violence mentioned. On the whole, the Kenyan Luo is a Christian tribe. Mr. Obama is an Anglican Christian, not Muslim as the writer intimated. How unfortunate that Sen. Barack Obama's opponents in this country believe they have to use the same kind of smear tactics as George Bush used against Sen. McCain in 2000. The voters deserve truth on the issues. As always, readers need to check for themselves.